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Winter 2014/2015–click here

  • Federal Advertising Guidelines for Business
  • Bait and Switch Credit Card Offer
  • Arbitration Clauses in Employment Contracts
  • Life Insurance Can Be Part of Your Estate Plan

Maine Tax Law Updates October 2013– click here 

  • Maine Estate Tax Law: an overview
  • Maine Estate Tax Law for deaths occurring on or after January 1, 2013
  • The Surviving Spouse and the Maine QTIP/No State Portability
  • Nonresident Concerns
  • Effect on Same-Sex Couples/U.S. v. Windsor

Federal Estate Tax Updates October 2013–  click here

  • Federal Estate Law: an overview
  • Current Law
  • How to calculate the amount due
  • Portability
  • Death of DOMA
  • Obama’s 2014 Budget Proposal


Autumn 2014–click here

  • Homeowner’s Insurance: The Devil Resides in the Details
  • “Cybersmear” Lawsuits
  • Age Discrimination in Employment
  • Freelancers Articles are Not Free
  • The Marital Deduction: A Valuable Estate Planning Tool

Summer 2014–click here

  • Small Business and Job Discrimination
  • Noncompetition Agreements and Arbitration
  • Real Estate Deals Gone Wrong
  • Estimated Taxes for Business Owners
  • Ensure Your Financial Privacy

Spring 2014–click here

  • Before You Start a Business
  • Estate Planning – Powers of Appointment
  • Public Use Required for Eminent Domain
  • Tax-Free Gains From Home Sales
  • Recreational Use Immunity for Golf Injury

Winter 2014–click here

  • Deducting the Business Use of Your Home
  • E-mail is Binding
  • When is an Employee a “Supervisor”?
  • What is a REIT?
  • Weather the Storm

Fall 2013–click here

  • Limited Liability Companies – the Best of All Worlds?
  • Employees are Responsible for Beneficiary Designations
  • Protect Your Plastic
  • HOA Can Regulate Common Area
  • Identity Theft Policies for Business

Summer 2013–click here

  • Take the Time to Update Your Will
  • Taxes on Gambling Winnings
  • Careful Whom You Add to Accounts
  • Long Arm of the Law
  • New HIPAA Rule

Winter 2013–click here

  • Classifying Employees for Wages
  • Underwater Homeowners Get a Life Raft
  • How Long Has This Been Going On?
  • Pitfalls of Being an Executor
  • 401(k) Loans and Hardship Withdrawals

Autumn 2012–click here

  • Criminal Background Checks on Employees
  • Lottery Winnings and Gift Taxes
  • Fair Housing Act Doesn’t Apply to Roommates
  • Land Purchasers Get Money Back
  • LLC Member Personally Liable
  • Umbrella Insurance Policies
  • Car Safety: What if Your Brakes Fail?

Summer 2012–click here

  • Confidential E-mails: Proceed With Caution
  • The Company is Worth How Much?
  • Real Estate Round Up
  • Employee or Contractor? IRS Offers Amnesty
  • Retirement Account Overview
  • “Y’all” = Marital Property

Spring 2012–click here

  • ADA Primer for Small Businesses
  • Feline Friend 1; IRS 0
  • FCRA and Preemption of State Law Claims
  • Car Honking as Free Speech
  • Estate Planning: Private Reverse Mortgages
  • The Mystery of the Old Bank Account

Winter 2012–click here

  • Organize Your Estate Planning Documents
  • Tomato: Fruit or Veggie?
  • Natural Gas Exploration Not Allowed in the Suburbs
  • “Freeze” Your Credit to Help Prevent Identity Theft
  • The IRS is Here to Help
  • Yet Another Hazard on the Golf Course

Autumn 2011–click here

  • SBA Loans Can Help to Finance Small Businesses
  • Chalk One Up for the Little Guy
  • Estate Planning with ILITs
  • Don’t Lose Your Charitable Deduction
  • Financially Speaking, Keep It Simple
  • Employees Win Benefit Protections

Summer 2011–click here

  • How to Franchise Your Business
  • Deleting Company E-mail
  • Social Media in the Workplace
  • Borrowers, Lenders, and Processing Payments
  • New Gift Tax Breaks
  • FDIC Insurance Updates

Spring 2011–click here

  • New Federal Tax Law Enacted
  • Real Estate Roundup
  • Cybersquatting and the Courts
  • Employment Retaliation Claims Surging
  • Different Ways to Hold Investment Properties

Winter 2011–click here

  • U.S. Supreme Court: Arbitration is the New Employment Law
  • Taking Land for Economic Development
  • Bank Accounts are A-Changing
  • Season Tickets Cannot Be Seized
  • Junk Fax Exemptions

Fall 2010– click here

  • Innocent Spouse tax Relief
  • Websites and Where to Sue
  • Better (?) Disclosure for Mortgage Consumers
  • No Estate Taxes for POD Beneficiary
  • Debit vs. Credit Cards
  • Know About the “No-Zone”
  • Minimum Distributions Back for 2010

Summer 2010– click here

  • What is an S Corporation?
  • MySpace, Students, and Free Speech
  • Tax Credits for Historic Preservation
  • Sculpture Slays Government Goliath
  • Choosing an Executor for your Will
  • Overtime Pay Update

Spring 2010– click here

  • Real Estate Roundup
  • Business Loans Cannot Reduce Estate Taxes
  • Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments
  • E-Mailed Documents Allowed
  • Credit CARD Act
  • Car Dealers Clash with Website

Winter 2009/2010– click here

  • Litigation over Noncompete Agreements
  • Tax Breaks for College Costs
  • Lender Must Return Debtor’s Vehicle
  • Medicaid Benefits and Special Needs Trusts
  • Golfer Can’t Be Sued for Errant Shot

Winter 2007/2008 – click here

  • Family Responsibilities and the Workplace
  • The Murky Waters of Wetlands Protection
  • Small Business – Maintaining a Safe Workplace
  • LLC Owner Liable for Employment Taxes
  • Misconceptions about FDIC Insurance
  • Vacation Home Tax Treatment

Fall 2007 – click here

  • Computer Fraud and Abuse Act Update
  • IRS Gets Tough on Deferred Compensation
  • Excluded Heirs May Still Inherit
  • “ARM” Borrowers Beware
  • Can You Trademark a Flavor?
  • “Hours of Service” Under the FMLA

Summer 2007 – click here

  • What Happens to Your E-Mail After You Die?
  • Beware of Fake Checks
  • Does the ADA Apply to Websites
  • Watch Your Language, Debt Collectors
  • Zoning Laws and the Exercise of Religion

Spring 2007 – click here

  • Clickwrap Agreements
  • Real Estate Law Update
  • Estate Planning 101: What is a Trust?

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